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How do I setup a internet file share
ID: 124 Category: Recovery Problems Status: Closed Views: 1997


How do I set up SOS so that I can allow someone else to share the file via the internet say an accounts file for my accountant?.


Hi Darren,

If you login to the Online Recovery Interface (top right hand corner of www.sosonlinebackup.com) you'll be able to navigate the files you've shared through a webbrowser. Once you find the file that you'd like to share, instead of clicking the filename to download the file, click to share that file instead.

Then you can put in the email address of the person you'd like to have shared access to that file - and they'll recieve an email notifying them of the share.

Hope this helps -


Dan - SOS Support

[--- UPDATED: 5/26/2006 3:44:37 PM BY AGENT: Administrator ---]

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Submitted: 5/24/2006 Modified: 5/26/2006

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