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Continous Backup and Open Files?
ID: 259 Category: Pre-Sales Question Status: Closed Views: 1947

Do all of your services offer continuous backup and support for open files? Can all your services run on Windows Server 2K3? Where is the pricing for Server Backup? Can Quickbooks Database Files and Access Database files both be backed up (continuously) while they are open?


Yes thats right.

Yes - we do support windows server 2k3.

Quickbooks and Access database files can be backed up. Whether they'll be backed up continuously depends on how the database writes changes to the disk. If windows registers that the file is modified - it will trigger a backup. Some databases cache changes for a period before flushing the cache to disk (eg. SQL Server).

You can always set an hourly scheduled backup to get around this.

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Submitted: 7/8/2006 Modified: 7/14/2006

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