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Data Moving / Deleting
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Sorry for the mistake in the 'title'. That wasn't me being thick.. I have a security utility that automatically fills out web forms.. I didn't see what it had done.


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I'd like to know if I can have SOS monitor a directory and be able to move/rearrange files/folders within this directory without SOS backing them up again?

Also, if I delete data on my PC that SOS has backed up..Will it be kept on SOS servers or wiped after 30 days?



Jon, SOS will monitor either files or folders, depending on your choice in the setting up of the backup set. If files are moved from one folder to another then they would need to be re-entered into the backup set with the new directory tree structure (and, deleted from the original backup set - if this is not done, no damage occurs but the file that is no longer wher SOS in looking for it will report as an File with Errors in the next session.

If data is wiped from the local hard drive, the backed up copy is still kept. That's the point of backing up - human error accounts for 40% of catastrophic data loss.

SOS OnlineBackup keeps every version of every protected file forever. You need to Connect to SOS on the Recover / Recover screen to manually delete files from the data server at your command.

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Submitted: 1/14/2007 Modified: 1/15/2007

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