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Cache Options
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Firstly I'd just like to say out of all the online backup companies around now..You are by far the best one I've come across! Ok I've only been using it for an hour or two but my first impressions..You blow the competition out of the earth's ocean and into an ocean on another planet!

Compliments aside, may I ask how your file backup/caching works? Primarily, where do you keep the cached files, how long are they kept for and are they stored in more than one location on my PC?

Thanks very much for any info


Jon, thanks for the compliment. The cache held by SOS has three options:-

By default it is set to only cache files larger than 500kb (smaller ones can be transmitted in full without slowing down the system) and this vastly reduces the size of the cache folder on your local drive.

Option one is for a FULL cache to be held on the local drive (c:/Programs/SOSOnlinebackup/SOS/Cache) this is a very desirable option for the roadwarriors giving the fastest session times for end of day or intermittent internet access for backups.

Option two is for NO cache. This is for the server users where 49 out of 50Gb on a server might be data, leaving no room for a cache. This gives long session times, but usually a server will simply run unattended in out-of-hours sessions.

The options are on the Settings / Option / Cache settings page of the software.

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Submitted: 1/15/2007 Modified: 1/15/2007

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