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Media Edition v SOS Classic
ID: 751 Category: Pre-Sales Question Status: Resolved Views: 1463

You web site has two services -- one for Online Backup, and another for Online Backup Media Edition. The later is much cheaper. What are the differences in the two systems?



SOS (classic) keeps every version, of every protected file, forever. The space taken up by these versions DOES NOT count toward the size of the user account necessary. All file types are supported.

Media Edition is restricted to only backing up media style files (.jpg, .gif, .avi, .MP3, .wav and so on); these are files that usually do not need versioning and so Media Edition does not keep versions - rather it replaces an old version with the newfile should that occur.

Media style formats are supported under the classic product for sound effects engineers, disk jockeys and photoshoppers who may need versions of media file projects.

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Submitted: 1/17/2007 Modified: 1/18/2007

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