SOS Online Backup has been making a splash in the media - as thousands of people discover how easy it is to truly secure your data and get global roaming access to your files. The following resources are designed to provide points of reference for the media and potential customers.

SOS Media & Information Kit
Click here to download the SOS Media & Information Kit
The SOS Media & Information Kit is prepared with journalists and potential resellers in mind - giving a thumbnail overview of the SOS Online Backup platform.

Press Releases
SOS Online Backup Announces The Launch Of A New Solution For Continuous Data Protection For Home Users and Small Business
Online Backup: SOS Online Backup Media Edition Launched

Product Reviews & Coverage
April 30 2007 - PC Authority gives SOS Online Backup PC Authority Editors Recommended Award
Wall Street Journal - Consumer Search consistently lists SOS Online Backup among best Reviewed Online Backup Platforms
February 5 2007 - lists SOS Online Backup as one of the best uses of the internet for small businesses
SOS Online Backup Featured at the top of the backup software list
January 30 2007 - PC User Magazine Names SOS the #3 Business Software Product of 2006
December 6 2006 - PC Pro Magazine gives SOS Editors Recommended Award
September 22 2006 - Wall Street Journal Prefers SOS Online Backup
September 22 2006 - QT Profiles SOS' Director of Channel Marketing
August 23 2006 - Awards SOS Online Backup 5 out of 5
July 7 2006 - PC Magazine Lists SOS as the Top Product in its Backup Roundup
July 5 2006 - Best Backup Solutions
May 2006 - TechRevue Note on SOS Online Backup
May 2006 - PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award
May 2006 - WebBuyersGuide Review
May 2006 - "SOS Online Backup" Review by PC User - "Top Buy!"
April 14 2006 - "SOS Online Backup Looks for Small Biz VARs" - CRN
April 14 2006 - "Storage At Your Service" - CRN coverage of the SOS Partner Program
March 2006 - PC World Australia Coverage of SOS Online Backup Reviews of SOS Online Backup
March 2006 - Atomic Magazine Review of SOS Online Backup
March 2006 - PC Authority Review of SOS Online Backup
November 2005 - PC Authority Preview